What We Plan To Do


Hello and welcome to TradingMarketSignals.com! We are pleased to announce the launch of our project as of December 17th 2017. We are a group of day/swing traders located in Toronto Ontario and are looking to bring our expertise which is a combined 40 years to the online trading community. Our site will mainly focus on trading small to mid cap securities, and will offer tutorials and suggestions on anything day and swing trading.

Although we are not financial advisors or professionals by any means, we feel our track record of proven results over the past while will help our audience grow into established traders and help more people succeed in a market which is to be honest, insanely hard to profit from. The trading environment has changed so much over the years that it is almost impossible to keep up with. What you need is dedicated research and guidance from the best in the business, and we hope that will be us.

We plan to write as often as we can, although our lives are honestly fairly hectic as anyone who currently is a trader could attest to. We encourage others to contact us about any articles they may feel will help our audience as we plan to launch a resource page and get in touch with the community. We want to develop a relationship built on trust and of course profitability with our audience and other bloggers in the community.

We hope you enjoy Trading Market Signals and we look forward to seeing you succeed on the battlefield we call the markets. It’s not easy by any means but with dedication and a bullet proof strategy anyone can do it.