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Nous sommes constamment à la recherche de nouvelles associations. Notre but est de pouvoir aider ceux et celles qui agissement directement sur le terrain en mettant en œuvre des actions concrètes leur permettant la prise en charge la population en leur offrant d’obtenir des résultats visibles sur le court en moyen terme. Vous désirez apporter votre pierre à l’édifice ? Contactez-nous.

Découvrez notre culture d'entreprise

Nous avons à cœur de permettre de financer au mieux l’ensemble des projets qui nous parviendront et qui obtiendront la validation de du jury. Pour ce faire, nous avons décidé d’allouer plus de 9% des commissions perçues.

  • Fondation d’Intérêt Général

    Créer une fondation, c'est choisir de distribuer des biens, des revenus ou des droits afin de servir une cause qui profitera au plus grand nombre. Bien que la notion d'intérêt général puisse varier d'un pays à l'autre, elle peut présenter les caractéristiques suivantes :

    Travailler dans un ou plusieurs des domaines suivants : éducation, recherche scientifique et soins médicaux, santé, action humanitaire, philanthropie, art et culture, sport, action sociale et familiale, environnement, …

    Agissant pour les intérêts collectifs, nous ne servons pas les intérêts privés. Nous avons une gestion désintéressée et ne cherchons donc pas à faire de profits

  • Diversity of Learning Opportunities at Investment Smart

    When you join our team, you’ll dive into a knowledge-sharing environment. We encourage our employees to attend multiple conferences and workshops held both inside the company and on the outside. Keep in mind that you can take part in conferences as both a listener and speaker.

    As a part of our benefits package, we also offer multiple courses for you to master new subjects. Our working environment is full of learning opportunities, which can’t help motivating for a steady professional growth.

    Offices of Investment Smart are located in different corners of the globe, so be ready to travel around the world. To save your budget, we cover all the travel costs including transportation, accommodation, food, and even some leisure activities. Our company gives you a perfect chance to explore the world and immerse in different cultures.

  • Top Qualities We Are Looking For

    Searching for candidates, our HR managers prioritize a number of qualities. To get a job at Investment Smart, you must be a self-motivated person who isn’t afraid of challenges and is ready to work overtime. As we work with multiple innovative technologies, you must be a quick learner. Attention to detail is also important for us, as it is a solid prerequisite for fewer bugs.

    Our company consists of many teams, that’s why you must be a team player and excellent communicator both in writing and oral speech. Our work is also based on mutual assistance, so be ready to lend a helping hand whenever you’re asked.

    You are unlikely to find a project manager who wouldn’t appreciate punctuality and discipline. The same goes for PMs of Investment Smart. If you want to build a long-term career at our company, you will have to avoid late arrivals, unnecessary breaks and hanging out in social networks. Also be polite not only with your boss, but also with colleagues and newcomers.

  • Check Interview Stages at Investment Smart

    Whenever you decide to send us your CV, be ready for a job interview that goes in several stages. At the first stage, we’d like to learn about your experience, interests, and expectations. At the end of the interview, you will need to undergo a test allowing us to evaluate your skills.

    After successful completion of the test, you’ll be invited to the second interview stage. We will arrange a meeting with your future PM to give you a detailed overview of your project and key responsibilities.

    Next, our team will make a final decision on your joining us. At the last stage of the interview, we will discuss your salary, benefits package, and some legal issues. If we reach an agreement, our HR will take you on an excursion through our office premises.